Wilson Clash 98

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Featuring the smallest headsize of the groundbreaking Clash franchise, Clash 98 lies at the peak of confidence and control. The 98 sq-in head delivers laser-like precision for players who consistently hit the sweet spot, while the very head-light balance reduces swing weight and adds control through the swing. Driven by a proprietary carbon mapping construction, FreeFlex gives the frame additional bending angles, creating an incredibly flexible racket that works effortlessly with the modern swing for enhanced ball pocketing and dwell time. Despite the impressive flexibility, stability and power are not compromised thanks to the unique StableSmart frame geometry. Delivering the performance that confidence promises, Clash 98 creates a playing experience unlike any before.

Détails techniques

  • Tamis : 98 po²
  • Longueur : 27 po 
  • Poids : 310 g
  • Plan de cordage : 26/19
  • Équilibre : 11 pts HL
  • Rigidité (indice RDC) : 56
  • Épaisseur du cadre : 24/24/24 mm
  • Swingweight : 325